Creating, writing and publishing

During the course of your work you will be encouraged to write regularly and, if you’re a postgraduate researcher, to get your research published. Whether you’re writing your dissertation, starting a thesis or considering formal publication take a look at our guidance.

Research writing

Writing can be demanding and frustrating. Don’t struggle on your own. We signpost to some of the best resources available to you here at Sheffield and more widely in the academic community.

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Your thesis

As you write your thesis you will need to consider issues which arise as a result of making the content available to others, via White Rose eTheses Online. We address some of those below.

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Choosing where to publish

Choosing the right journal or the right publisher can be daunting. If you’re new to publishing and not quite sure where to start, our guidelines below can help you sort out what’s appropriate and what’s not.

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White Rose University Press

The universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York have a joint University Press which supports the principles of open access to research. If you’re an early career researcher looking to publish your own book or start up your own journal explore the options offered by WRUP.

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