Choosing where to publish

Starting out as an author is an exciting prospect but choosing the right journal or the right publisher can be daunting. If you’re new to publishing and not quite sure where to start, our guidelines below can help you sort out what’s appropriate and what’s not.

General guidelines

We’ve compiled a short list of points to bear in mind when considering where to publish.

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Open Access

Open Access (OA) is free, online access to peer-reviewed scholarly material, with as few restrictions as possible on how the material can be reused, as long as the authors are properly acknowledged and cited. Making your own work OA can raise awareness of your research.

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Think, Check, Submit

Using this checklist can help you decide whether a particular journal or book publisher is reputable or not. Think, Check, Attend is a similar initiative aimed at helping researchers avoid fake or fraudulent conferences.

Think, Check, Submit

Think, Check, Attend

Using metrics to identify journals

Metrics can’t tell you which the best journals are, but they can tell you which journals receive attention and, used responsibly, can be a useful tool in an increasingly complex environment. There’s a huge variety of indicators available which may influence your decision on where to publish.

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