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Get started with the Library

Starting university can be a little daunting. There’s so much to find out and before you know it you have your first assignment due. But where do you start? One of the first places to check out is the University Library. So to make things easier, we have pulled together the essential information you need to ‘Get Started’ - a quick guide to using the Library for students.

Book a space

To book a Library learning space or study space on campus, please go to - Resource Bookings, located in MUSE.

Library spaces

Autumn Term Update
Access to the Information Commons and Western Bank Library will be available in bookable slots from Monday 28 September 9:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

For the latest Library information, please visit our Autumn term update.

Accessing your recommended reading

Your modules should have a list of recommended reading - look for the Resource List link in the Blackboard area for your modules. If you can't find the Resource List in Blackboard ask your tutor about recommended reading for your course.

Resource Lists

Searching beyond your recommended reading

The University Library provides discovery and access to extensive digital and print collections. Find wider reading for your assignments - a single search in StarPlus will enable you to search across e-books, books, journal articles and more. Find out more by watching our Using StarPlus video.

Requesting an ebook.

Research skills: getting started

Information and digital literacy

These online tutorials, videos and guides will support you in your studies:

Help & Support

  • For general enquiries, contact Library Help (by email, by phone 0114 222 7200, by Live Chat), or speak to a member of library staff.
  • Each department has a librarian and you can find the name of yours here. Contact them for advice about finding reading for your studies or with any other questions you have relating to library support for your course
  • If you’re looking for a book or article the Library doesn’t have, contact and we’ll do our best to help you


Discovering is the literacy which enables learners to develop search strategies and utilise a broad range of generic and discipline specific resource discovery tools.

Online Tutorials



Understanding is the literacy which enables learners to find meaning and apply context.

Online Tutorials



Questioning is the literacy which enables learners to analyse, evaluate, interpret and think critically about information.

Online Tutorials



Referencing is the literacy which enables learners to acknowledge the work of others, building on their own analysis of existing knowledge.

Online Tutorials



Creating is the literacy which enables learners to blend ideas and capture new knowledge.

Online Tutorials



Communicating is the literacy which enables learners to succinctly summarise and share their work and ideas.

Online Tutorials