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Equality and Diversity

The Department of Psychology is a welcoming and inclusive place to work or study. In 2015, we achieved an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in recognition of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all members of our department can excel, irrespective of background.

During the awards ceremony, special attention was drawn to our appointment of a parental champion to support staff and students who are parents, as an example of good practice.

Useful information on relevant University and Faculty strategies, as well as resources relating to specific equality and diversity matters, can be accessed through the links on the right side of this page. The University of Sheffield also provides detailed information on its family leave, flexible working and promotions policies.

We are committed to responding effectively and appropriately to individual support needs. We take all practicable steps to ensure that disabled students can participate in their studies without disadvantage, and can make full use of the University's academic and support services. Click here for more information

Dr Megan Freeth accepting the award on the behalf of the Department of Psychology

Our beliefs:

To us, equality means that all staff and student members of our department should be treated fairly and rewarded for demonstrating excellence in learning, teaching, research or in their work to support these activities. Personal attributes such as gender, age, race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability (including mental health) should provide no barrier to an individual in maximising their potential and in receiving recognition and reward for this.

We believe our diversity is a driving force behind our position as one of the UKs leading psychology departments. We recognise that the different backgrounds, life experiences and ways of thinking about the world amongst the members of our department are critical to the success of our learning, teaching and research activities.

The Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee is responsible for ensuring all departmental activities reflect the University's and our own policies in relation to equality and diversity. The committee is also responsible for achieving and maintaining national benchmark awards in relation to equality and diversity, such as the Athena SWAN Charter where we recently received a Bronze award (a copy can be downloaded here). The committee meets at least once per academic semester, with work ongoing throughout the year.

The current membership is detailed below: 

Dr Asha Akram University Teacher & Disability Liaison Officer
Dr Dan Carroll Senior Lecturer & International Admissions Tutor
Dr Clare Howarth Research Fellow
Dr Aarti Iyer Reader & Chair of Committee
Dr Chris Martin Senior Lecturer & Director of Postgraduate Research Studies
Dr Jilly Martin Lecturer & Alumni Officer
Professor Glenn Waller Professor & Head of Department
Dr Chantelle Wood Lecturer & Level 3 Undergraduate Tutor