Dr Rhiânan Ellis

Department of Psychology


+44 114 222 6507

Full contact details

Dr Rhiânan Ellis
Department of Psychology
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane
S1 2LT
  • BSc Psychology – The University of Sheffield
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods – The University of Sheffield
  • PhD Psychology – The University of Sheffield
Research interests

I am interested in individual differences in sensory sensitivity (i.e. how easily we notice and respond to sensory stimuli in our environment, such as strong smells, itchy fabrics, or flashing lights) and how this sensitivity can affect our behaviours and emotions.

I have previously investigated sensory sensitivity in typically developing adolescents and adults, as well as in adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions, to try and understand the possible neural mechanisms that underlie individual differences in sensory sensitivity, and the emotional correlates of being under- or over-responsive to sensory stimuli.

I have also conducted several EEG studies and have a general interest in cognitive neuroscience.


Journal articles

Teaching activities

I teach on the following modules within the department of Psychology:

  • PSY1004 Developmental Psychology I
  • PSY2004 Developmental Psychology II
  • PSY346 Project supervisor