Dr Daniel Poole

Department of Psychology

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Dr Daniel Poole
Department of Psychology
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane
S1 2LT

My major research focus is on the sensory and perceptual differences experienced
by most autistic people. Our brains have a limited capacity to process the huge
amount of sensory activity in our everyday environments. We inhibit distracting,
irrelevant information so that we can focus on whatever we are doing. In my current
work, I am investigating how and why autistic people might fail to inhibit distracting
information. This will involve using cognitive science methods (eye tracking,
computational models of cognition) and qualitative approaches.

I am a member of the Sheffield Autism Research Lab (SHARL)


Psychology (PhD), University of Manchester,
Psychology with Sociology (BSc), University of Leicester

Research interests
  • Autism
  • Perception
  • Attention
  • Time Perception
  • Multisensory processing

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Research group

Sheffield Autism Research Lab (SHARL)


2021 ‘What you can’t ignore: Examining distraction in autism’ – Economic and Social
Research Council New Investigator Award (£213,637)