Jake Toth

Degree: MSc Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

Jake Toth

Jake studied BEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering at Sheffield before choosing to pursue the MSc Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience. His training on the course covers the whole spectrum of approaches to answer questions about how the brain works and following graduation he hopes to pursue a PhD in this field.

"Due to my engineering background, I wanted a course in neuroscience that was approachable from an engineers standpoint. The Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience course has every aspect of neuroscience that I am interested, from the biological side to imaging or simulation.

"What I like the most about the course is that it is unique. It attracts people from many different fields and it's exciting to work with people that have such a diverse range of backgrounds, from neuroscience to psychology, physics or engineering - it's great to be able to draw on each others strengths. The course doesn't focus on a single area of neuroscience but rather a whole spectrum of approaches used to an answer fundamental questions of how the brain works.

"Once I complete the course I hope to go on to study a PhD in brain computer interfaces and it's the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience programme that has laid the ground-work for me to pursue a research-focussed career. I'm gaining an insight into the cutting edge of neuroscience today and I know this training could lead me into a large variety of areas in research and industry."