Peter Carr

Degree: MSc Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics

Now: Statistical Analyst in Higher Education

Peter Carr advanced statistics

Peter began studying the MSc Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics course to help him to develop the strong statistical and data science skills to be able to pursue a career in this area. Peter is now a Statistical Analyst within Higher Education where he uses many of the methods he learnt during his masters course every day.

“While studying in my final year at The University of Warwick I reached out to one of the academics who was an expert in a field that I found most interesting; behavioural science, the interface of psychology and economics. They indicated that, while psychologists’ statistical knowledge was good, strong statistical and data science skills would be a great benefit in pursuing a career in behavioural science. The University of Sheffield’s MSc Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics suited my needs perfectly to achieve this goal. I now work as a Statistical Analyst at a higher education institute in the UK, with my key roles being to conduct, advise and analyse surveys and provide statistical insight into ‘student success’. In addition to my main job, I’ve also picked up statistical consultancy work. Providing statistical advice and support to the Life, Health and Chemical Sciences department. I’m currently assisting with a project investigating the genes associated with disgust.

“For me, there were two instrumental factors that helped me secure, and prepared me for, my current role as a Statistical Analyst: the two statistical modules offered on my masters course, and the superb supervision of my dissertation and literature review. Dr Chris Stride’s teaching on the two statistical modules was phenomenal. Providing a strong understanding of a variety of statistical methods and setting the groundwork for the use of more advanced methods. Since entering my role as Statistical Analyst I have employed many of the methods taught to me, including: exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, logistic regression and multi-level modelling.

“Dr Tom Stafford supervised both my systematic literature review and dissertation. He was enthusiastic, engaging and his supervision felt collaborative, providing guidance and support by developing ideas; rather than imposing them. Working with a large naturally occurring dataset was especially helpful in my current role, I now frequently work with ‘large’ datasets. Without this initial experience of working with large datasets it would have been much more difficult to adapt into my current role. Furthermore, I started my job, part-time, late in June. During this time, Dr Tom Stafford went extra lengths to be flexible in arranging meetings and tracking progress on my dissertation. Without this support it would have been much more difficult to finish my course.”