Rebecca Stevenson

Rebecca Stevenson 500

Degree: MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging 

Now: PhD student, Western Sydney University, Australia (from November)

Rebecca found that highlights of her course were the brain dissection module and the neuroscience group conference. Its this experience, coupled with the passion of her lecturers that inspired Rebecca to continue her studies, beginning a fully funded PhD in Australia this Autumn.

"Choosing this MSc course was one of the best decisions I have made, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the brain dissection module which provided invaluable experience that most other universities do not offer. I have also enjoyed my thesis project which focused on fMRI and sex hormones. My supervisor has been very supportive and I have had input into the study from start to finish including designing the experiment, gathering data at the scanning sessions, analysing the results and writing up the final thesis. We were also given the opportunity to present the results of our projects at a neuroscience group conference which a highlight of the course.

"The standard of teaching on the MSc is very high - the lecturers are always happy to go above and beyond to help you with a query and they are really passionate about the research they do and what they teach us - this is something they’ve instilled in me and which has inspired me to go on to further study. Before the MSc I had never really considered a PhD as something I wanted to do but I was really inspired by the Neuroimaging 1 & 2 modules, which helped me decided that I would like to study the supportive cells of the brain in more detail. I have now been offered a fully funded PhD scholarship at Western Sydney University in Australia studying astrocytes which I am due to start in November - this is something I never would have been able to achieve without this MSc course. I feel the MSc has given me a wealth of experience and opportunities and has set me in good stead to move onto a PhD."