Our three-year BSc course starts with an overview of the most fundamental topics in psychology. Lecturers will explain how humans see, think, feel, learn, remember, and interact. You’ll learn about the biology behind our individual differences, including developmental disorders and how our psychological strengths can be harnessed. Once you’ve got the knowledge that every psychology professional needs, you can decide where you want to take it with our range of optional modules.


Our students have lots of opportunities to develop their practical scientific skills. In workshop sessions, you'll learn about different approaches to studying human behaviour, and conduct psychological tests on yourself and other people on your course.

You'll also be trained to use the quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis tools that professional psychologists use, and learn about software used in computational modelling and programming.


In lectures, you'll learn fundamental psychology concepts from the experts, hear about the latest research and discover the difference that psychologists make in society.

We offer a huge range of lecture modules on topics that cover evolution, neuroscience, perception, language, emotion, sleep and much more.


Throughout your degree, you'll work in small groups and look closely at scientific problems. During these sessions, our academic staff will guide you through some of the most interesting and, sometimes, challenging topics in psychology. You’ll work with data and develop your writing, presentation and critical thinking skills.

Excellence in teaching

All of our staff are committed to great teaching. Several have been given awards from the University of Sheffield, or have earned professional recognition for the innovative and engaging ways they have helped students learn psychology.

University of Sheffield Senate Awards for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

  • Dr Asha Akram
  • Dr Chantelle Wood
  • Dr Myles Jones

Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy

  • Dr Julia Hulsken
  • Dr Myles Jones
  • Dr Fuschia Sirois

Research projects

You'll get to do hands-on research projects throughout your degree, as you develop practical psychology skills in workshop sessions and study the latest scientific theories in lectures and tutorials. In third year, you'll pull everything you've learned together to complete a major independent research project.

My level three project involved investigating individual differences in learning and memory in infants. I thoroughly enjoyed working with nine- and 12-month-olds, and interacting with both the infants and their parents in an experimental setting.

Maria Perkins

Developmental Psychology project student

My supervisor was immensely helpful, allowing me to develop a research project that stemmed from my interests: exploring meat consumption and its impact on the environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of designing, conducing, analysing and writing up my own scientific research.

Victoria Circus

Social Psychology project student

Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience
Each year undergraduates can apply to join the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) scheme. This gives you a bursary to spend around 10 weeks working with one of our department's research groups over the summer break. You'll be able to get first-hand experience of major research projects and it can even lead to your name appearing in an academic journal.

We timetable teaching across the whole of our campus, the details of which can be found on our campus map. Teaching may take place in a student’s home department, but may also be timetabled to take place within other departments or central teaching space.