Aneurin James Kennerley Ph.D M.Phys

Magnetic Resonance Physicist for fMRI facility - Dept of Psychology


SPiNSN, Department of Psychology
The University of Sheffield
S10 2TN
Tel: (+44) 0114 22 26554
Fax: (+44) 0114 27 66515


Research Group: Neurovascular and Neuroimaging Research Group

Current Responsibilities

  • To oversee and plan the day-to-day running of MRI based experimental research in the neuro-imaging facilities within the Department of Psychology.
  • Co-ordinate the MRI research work carried out in the Imaging Unit including that undertaken for internal and external customers.
  • On-going development of image analysis software for data presentation/extraction
  • To liaise with prospective users, explaining what research facilities and expertise are available.
  • Facilitate, advise on and carry out all physical aspects (such as design of appropriate pulse sequences and appropriate selection of varying MR image parameters) of collaborative and external contract work within the facility to ensure that research objectives are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Generate funding to facilitate research and disseminate the results of the research.
  • Supervisor for one MSc student and two third year psychology students
  • Act as Principal Investigator on some projects and advise on a number of additional research projects to contribute to decision making and planning.

Education and Qualifications

2002-2006 (University of Sheffield)

Ph.D Neuroscience (MRC Sponsored) “Investigation of the Haemodynamic Response: fMRI Techniques with Concurrent Optical Measures of Cerebral Blood Flow or Volume”

1998-2002 (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)

M.Phys Experimental Physics

Grants & Funding

  • March 2011-present: Co-Investigator on £598,000 Wellcome Trust grant “Understanding Neurovascular Coupling in Epilepsy”
  • Feb 2010: S Francis, A Lawrie, A Kennerley - National Institute for Health Research Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit £9,000 “IntraGate Cardiac Imaging Software license for small animal MRI unit”.
  • May 2009-present: Co-Investigator on £2,173,198 EPSRC grant “Engineering virus-like nano-particles for targeting the central nervous system”
  • Collaboration & MR Training of personnel for £2.84m Cancer Research UK & £400k BBSRC grants
  • Oct 2007-Oct-2010: Research Associate & Collaborator on £415k MRC grant “Neurovascular coupling in the rodent barrel cortex”



Movie 1 - Raw Real Time Data

Movie 2 - Whole Brain Region

Movie 3 - Capillary Region


  • 2010 Awarded the AstraZeneca Prize for innovative in-vivo MRI research at the British Chapter of ISMRM conference, Nottingham, UK.
  • 2009 University of Sheffield Exceptional Contribution Award (ECA)
  • 2007 Promotion to Research Associate at the University of Sheffield
  • 2005 Awarded the Neuroimaging 2nd place poster prize for work presented at the 13th annual ISMRM meeting in Miami, FL. USA.
  • 2001 Awarded the Highmoor prize for best 3rd year experimental Physics project, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • 2000 Awarded the Stroud laboratory prize for best stage 2 Physics student, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • 1998 Achieved Post 16 Compact Certificate for attendance and punctuality, Sneyd Community School. Awarded a Diploma of Achievement with distinction.
  • 1997 Awarded Chemistry prize for outstanding work in Chemistry, Sneyd Community School.
  • 1997 Awarded Science prize for outstanding achievement in the area of Science, Sneyd Community School.


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