Dr Clare Howarth

Vice-Chancellor's Advanced Fellow

Department of Psychology
Western Bank
S10 2TP
(+44) 0114 2226511

Research Group: Neurovascular and Neuroimaging Research Group


MSci (Hons) Physics with a Year in Europe (Imperial College London)

PhD Neuroscience (University College London)

Research Interests

In my research I use a wide range of imaging techniques to investigate how the brain regulates its blood supply in order to meet the changing demands of neuronal activity. In particular, I am interested in the role of astrocytes, a supporting cell within the brain. This research helps us to understand normal brain function, enables us to correctly interpret the signals measured in human neuroimaging studies and to understand what happens in diseases where there are disruptions in the coupling between energy use and supply, for example stroke, dementia and aging.

Research Grants

2015-2020 Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Wellcome Trust/Royal Society)

2008 – 2012 Sir Henry Wellcome Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
(carried out at University of British Columbia and University of Oxford)

2011 – 2012 Government of Canada Post Doctoral Research Fellowship

2011 – 2012 Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Post Doctoral Research Fellowship

Activities and Distinctions

2014 Co-Editor of a Research Topic in Frontiers in Neuroscience: Brain Imaging Methods

Chair of 2012 Gordon Research Seminar: Brain Energy Metabolism and Blood Flow


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