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The Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts drawn from across the University. We work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders.


The world’s food systems are facing significant and urgent threats. Current and predicted challenges at different scales will affect our ability to feed ourselves in the coming years. At the global level, climate disruption is impacting weather patterns in many parts of the world, with flooding and drought creating challenging or impossible conditions for farming and growing food. Changes in climate also affect the patterns of pests and plant disease.

Environmental problems at the local level are created or exacerbated by pollution, biodiversity loss and poor soil health. These and other issues contribute to the global challenge of food security. The Institute for Sustainable Food aims to address this challenge and improve the sustainability of the world’s future food supplies.

Explaining the complexity of the food system

Transforming how we grow, produce and consume food requires innovative systems thinking, and collaborative multidisciplinary research across many fields, including ecology, agriculture, consumption and behaviour change. We have a wealth of experience bringing together research across diverse areas such as plant and soil biology, waste prevention in supply chains, food justice and equity.

The Institute for Sustainable Food works closely with partners to find dynamic solutions to the challenges of food security and sustainability. We are known for excellence across a range of disciplines, drawing on research across the fields of science, engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities. We bring together passionate problem-solvers, innovative research, world-class facilities and novel engagement with stakeholders, including the public, to influence policy and practice.

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