We have a wealth of experience in many diverse areas such as plant and soil biology, waste prevention in supply chains, and food justice.


Professor Duncan Cameron.

Professor Duncan Cameron

Professor of Plant and Soil Biology

Soil, plants, fungi, symbiotic organisms, microorganisms, mycorrhizal, ecosystems, agriculture, ecology

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Professor Peter Jackson gives a speech.

Professor Peter Jackson

Professor of Human Geography

Social geography, cultural geography, consumption, identity, families, food

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Leadership team

Dr Samantha Caton

Lecturer in Public Health

Children, alcohol, obesity, appetite, nutrition

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Dr Sonal Choudhary

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Management

Logistics and supply chain management

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Professor Hamish Cunningham

Professor of Internet Computing

Aquaponics control systems, Internet of Things, embedded computing, physical computing, micro-manufacturing, maker culture, ESP32, Raspberry Pi

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Professor Tim Daniell

Professor of Plant Science

Soil, mycorrhizal, fungi, nitrogen, nemotodes

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Professor Andrew Fleming

Professor of Plant Science

Plant morphogenenesis, cell growth, biology, leaf growth

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Dr Anna Krzywoszynska

Research Fellow at the Department of Geography

Soil, sustainable food production, environmental knowledge, agriculture, farmers

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Dr Megan Lewis

Business Development Manager

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Professor Bhavani Shankar

Professorial Research Fellow in Food and Health

Food, health, environmental sustainability

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Professor Jurriaan Ton

Professor of Plant Environmental Signalling

Plants, plant immune systems, environmental stress, insects, plant defences

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Key researchers

Professor David J Beerling FRS

Professor of Animal and Plant Sciences

Photosynthesis, evolution, plants, ecology, climate change

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Dr Megan Blake

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Hunger, food insecurity, neoliberalism, community, social justice, food waste, surplus

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Professor Dan Brockington

Director of SIID

Livelihood change, natural resource governance, microfinance, institutional performance, Africa, protected areas, media, conservation, development

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Professor Vanesa Castan Broto

Professorial Fellow at the Urban Institute

Climate change, urban, urbanisation, energy

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Dr Nick Taylor Buck

Research Fellow at the Urban Institute

Urban, ecology, design, co-production

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Dr Bobby Caine

Research Associate in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Stomata, photosynthesis, climate-resilient crops

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Dr Stuart A Campbell

Independent Research Fellow at the P3 Centre

Evolution, ecology, plants, herbivores, plant reproduction

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Dr Stuart Casson

Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Structural biology, electron microscopy, cryoEM, X-ray crystallography, bacteriology

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Professor Beining Chen

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Molecular design, combinatorial chemistry, drug design, molecular recognition

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Dr Adrien Chauvet

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Ultrafast spectroscopy, plant imaging and signalling

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Dr Dylan Childs

Lecturer in Animal and Plant Sciences

Population biology, evolution, natural selection, demography, environment, ecology

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Dr Pascal-Antoine Christin

ERC Research fellow

Plants, evolution, genes, transcriptomes, ecology, morphology

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Professor Frances Cleaver

Professor in Human Geography

Institutions, water, governance, livelihoods, poverty, Africa, environment

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Dr Alasdair Cochrane

Senior Lecturer in Political Theory

Imprisonment, animal rights, human rights, food justice

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Dr Bernard M Corfe

Senior Lecturer in Oncology

Diet, metabolism, nutrition, cancer, bowel, colon

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Professor Mark Dickman

Professor of Bioanalytical Science and Engineering

Crop protection, biopesticides, proteomics, mass spectrometry, biomanufacturing

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Professor Nicola Dibben

Professor of Music

Science, psychology, music, human behaviour, emotion, sociability, environmentalism, feminism

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Dr Jill Edmondson

EPSRC Early Career 'Living with Environmental Change Challenge' Fellow

Soil, plants, carbon budgeting, food, biofuel, urban, agriculture, pollution, citizen science

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Dr Sophie Evison

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Evolution, insects, evolution, biology

Dr Mike Foden

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

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Professor Julie Gray

Professor of Plant Cell Signalling

Plant development, stomata, environmental signalling

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Dr Ellie Harrison

NERC Independent Research Fellow

Ecology and evolution in the soil microbiome, Rhizobia-legume interactions, bacteriophages and mobile genetic elements

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Professor Graham Harrison

Professor of Politics

Africa, UK, development, poverty

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Professor Siobhan Lambert-Hurley

Professor of Global History

Food Histories and Cultures, South Asia, Islam, Women and Gender

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Professor Michelle Holdsworth

Professor of Public Health Nutrition

Sustainable diets, malnutrition, food environment, dietary transitions, nutrition policy, low and middle income countries

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Professor Peter Horton FRS

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry

Plants, photosynthesis, agriculture, agrifood systems, sustainability

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Professor Dorothea Kleine

Faculty Professorial Research Fellow

Sustainable development, ICT, sustainable/ethical consumption research, food geography, trade justice, Fair Trade

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Dr Hibbah Araba Osei-Kwasi

AXA Post-doctoral Researcher 

Public Health Nutrition

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Dr Janice Lake

Independent Research Fellow

Plant physiology and climate change, climate change mitigation (carbon capture and storage), remediation of industrial land for biomass production

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Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Faculty Research Fellow

Food, poverty, food banks, austerity, welfare

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Dr Harry Langford

Research Associate

Geomicrobiology, glaciers, soil, photosynthesis, environment

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Dr Sanjay V Lanka

Lecturer in Financial Management

Environment, supply chains, accounting, ecology, agriculture, livelihoods, biodiversity, soil

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Professor Jonathan R Leake

Professor of Animal and Plant Sciences

Plants, soil, mycorrhizal, fungi, pollution, biology, chemistry

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Dr Ruth Little

Lecturer in Human Geography

Social science, food, agriculture, Brexit

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Dr Ben Lowe

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Natural capital, environmental finance, economy, water, agriculture

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Dr Manoj Menon

Environmental Soil Scientist

Physical and hydrological processes in soils, soil and food contamination, imaging of soils and plants, arsenic in the food chain

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Dr Moaed Al Meselmani

Research Associate

Plant physiology, hydroponics, drought, agriculture, environment, climate change, food security, urban farming

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Dr Josh Milburn

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Moral philosophy; political philosophy; animal ethics; animal rights; food ethics; food justice; agricultural ethics; veganism

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Dr Pamela Richardson-Ngwenya

Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow

Agri-food studies, feminist geography, diverse economies, sustainabilities, collaborative methodologies, critical development studies and political ecology

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Jacob Nickles

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Aquaponics, hydroponics, plants, agriculture, environment, soil

Professor Colin Osborne

Professor of Animal and Plant Sciences

Plants, photosynthesis, food, agriculture, environment, climate change, land

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Dr Sam Outhwaite

Research Associate

Human geography

Dr Jagroop Pandhal

Lecturer in Bioengineering

Environment, agriculture, pollution, ecology, biology

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Dr Rebecca Pradeilles

Research Fellow in Global Public Health Nutrition

Nutrition, health, Africa, South Asia, agriculture, obesity, community

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Dr Stephen A Rolfe

Senior Lecturer in Animal and Plant Sciences

Plants, plant disease, environment, pollution

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Professor Anthony J Ryan

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Polymers, thermodynamics, nanotechnology

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Professor Julie Scholes

Professor of Animal and Plant Sciences

Plants, plant disease, photosynthesis, genes, parasites

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Professor Michael T Siva-Jothy

Professor of Entymology

Insects, genes, immune systems, evolution, insect reproduction

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Dr Lisa Smith

Lecturer in Animal and Plant Sciences

Plants, environment, agriculture, biology

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Dr Merisa S Thompson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Gender, politics, power, food, agriculture, environment, feminism, supply chains

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Dr Christian Voigt

P3 Lecturer in Animal and Plant Sciences

Plants, pathogens, agriculture, plant diseases

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Dr Elizabeth Williams

Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition

Nutrition, health, wellbeing, older adults, diet, immune function, ageing

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Dr Ting Xu

Senior Lecturer

Law, governance, development, property, human rights, political economy

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Dr Luke Whaley

Global Challenge Research Fellow

Land and water governance, institutions, worldviews and the politics of meaning, social and ecological justice

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Professor Philip Warren

Professor of Ecology

Landscape ecology; freshwater ecology and catchment management; urban ecology and urban food production; ecosystem services

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Professor Phil Withington

Professor of Social and Cultural History

Pre-modern intoxicants (especially alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, opiates, cacao, sugar), sociability, popular politics, urbanisation, practical humanism

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