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Dr Chantelle Wood
Department of Psychology
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I am a social psychologist, with a particular focus on behaviour change and intergroup relations. My key research interests centre around understanding and changing social, health and environmental behaviours, and evaluating and improving interventions to reduce prejudice. I also have expertise in meta-analysis. 

  • PhD: University of Western Australia
  • BSc (Hons): University of Western Australia


  • University of Sheffield Early Career Senate Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (2018)
  • Turnitin Global Innovation Awards Honourable Mention (2017)
Research interests

Social and Health Behaviour Change

My research focuses on at understanding why people do (or do not) engage in different behaviours, and developing and evaluating behaviour change techniques to promote positive social, health and environmental behaviours, using both primary empirical research and also meta-analytic techniques. For example, I am currently involved in research looking at use of single-use plastics on UK dairy farms, as part of a large interdisciplinary project called Plastics: Redefining Single Use,  which involves researchers from across the University. I am also a member of the Healthy Lifespan Institute, and Sheffield:Air, a network of researchers working on projects relating to air quality and pollution.

Stereotyping and prejudice reduction

My research focuses on evaluating interventions to reduce prejudice towards different social groups, and developing more effective interventions. I’m particularly interested in interventions based on intergroup contact, including imagined and virtual contact. I am also interested in the effects of weight stigma on health and wellbeing. I am part of the Sheffield Inequalities Researchers’ Network.


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Journal articles


  • Wood C, Conner M, Hutter R & Davies L (2018) Social Cognition and Attitudes In Davey G (Ed.), Psychology Wiley RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

Current PhD students:

  • Ankita Mishra: Violence against women and access to justice
  • Bashirat Ibrahim: Reducing prejudice through virtual imagined contact
  • Zhuozhuo Hu: Self-objectification in men and women
  • Eric Manalastas: Predictors of collective action

Previous students:

  • Dr Jose Sepulveda Maldonado (PhD, 2019): Video games and theory of mind
  • Dr Caroline Treweek (PhD, 2019): Public perceptions of autism
  • Dr Tom Hostler (PhD, 2017): Improving prospective memory using emotional cues and implementation intentions. Now at the Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • EPSRC (Jan 2019- Oct 2020; £1,010,896): Plastics: Redefining Single Use
  • University of Sheffield Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching Fund Grant (Feb 2017- Jul 2017; £999): Student engagement with feedback
  • British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grant (Aug 2016- Aug 2017; £9927): Optimising blood donation using the Question-Behaviour Effect
Teaching activities

I teach on the following modules on the BSc Psychology and MSc in Psychological Research Methods/Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics

  • PSY1001 Social Psychology I 
  • PSY2001 Social Psychology II 
  • PSY346 Research Project in Psychology
  • PSY331 Extended Essay in Psychology
  • PSY6232 Systematically Reviewing Psychological Research 
  • Psy6110 Research Project in Psychology


I am the Level 3 Tutor for the Department of Psychology

Professional activities

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy