Dr Stuart Campbell

School of Biosciences

NERC Independent Research Fellow

Academic Lead for Volatile Metabolomics

NERC Independent Research Fellow, Stuart Campbell
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  • NERC Independent Research Fellow (2019-present)
  • Independent Research Fellow (2017-2019), P3 Centre/Marie Curie, University of Sheffield
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2016), Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
  • PhD 2012, Entomology, Cornell University
Research interests

Research in my group focuses broadly on the ecology and evolution of species interactions. We are particularly interested in complex biotic interactions and how they drive adaptive evolutionary change. Our research combines evolutionary studies of variation within and among species, together with mechanistic studies of the traits and genes that underlie species interactions. As a result, we use a wide range of techniques, from field ecology to multi-omics approaches.

We focus on plants and the insects that feed on them (herbivores and pollinators), with the goal of understanding the chemical, behavioral, reproductive and life-history traits that mediate insect interactions with both wild plant species and crops. Our current work is focussed primarily on the nightshades (Solanaceae), a hyper-diverse plant family that includes many species of economic importance, and their interactions with pollinating bumblebees and herbivorous larvae of the hawkmoth Manduca sexta. We also work with Arabidopsis and its specialised butterfly herbivore, Pieris brassicae. Finally, we seek ways to apply our research on plant-insect interactions in agricultural settings, and currently run collaborative projects in Uganda on insect-vectored viruses of maize, and are part of a UK-based project on insect diversity in urban allotments.

Please see the lab website for more information and for opportunities to join us.

Research group

Current group members

  • Emilie Ellis, PhD student, Grantham scholar
  • Upuli Wickramaarachchi, PhD student
  • Hannah Ronan-Brown, PhD student Elizabeth Oladapo, PhD student
  • Abigail Barton, PhD student
  • Alice Maitland, MRes student
  • Harry Fox, MRes student
  • Violette Pepper, MRes student
Teaching activities
Professional activities and memberships
  • Faculty of Science Wellbeing Advocate
  • APS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member
  • NERC Peer Review College Member