Scheduled seminars in the School of Biosciences are listed below. University staff and students are welcome to attend any of the seminars.


Topics presented represent the wide range of research interests within the school and are presented by experts in particular areas.

Every effort is made to keep to the scheduled programme, but changes do have to be made sometimes.

If you have any questions regarding our programme, please contact


Area: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Date Title/Research Area Speaker Venue and time Host
Monday 4th December Ecology beyond boundaries: integration of knowledge across scales and disciplines Dr Aurore Maureaud (Rutgers) Dainton Building LT01 1pm - 2pm Tom Webb

Area: Plants, Photosynthesis and Soil

Date Title Speaker Venue and time Host
Thursday 7th December Ancient aphid effectors and fragile plant immunity Colin Turnbull Alfred Denny LT01 1pm - 2pm Stuart Campbell
Monday 11th December The making of a story: my journey in science communication illustrations Hsuan Pai Dainton Building LT01 1pm - 2pm Chia-Nan Tao

Area: Molecular and Cellular Biology & Development, Regeneration and Neurophyiology

Date Title Speaker Venue and time Host
Wednesday 6th December The exocyst complex is an essential component of the mammalian constitutive secretory pathway David Gershlick Alfred Denny Conference Room 1pm - 2pm Andrew Peden
Wednesday 13th December Human iPS differentiation, reprogramming and physical confinement: lessons learnt in academia and biotech Davide Danovi Alfred Denny Conference Room 1pm - 2pm Haneen Alsehli

The Annual Margaret Savigear Lectures

The Margaret Savigear Lectures acknowledge the importance of role models to the next generation of scientists by explicitly increasing the visibility of women biologists and celebrates the importance of mentors.

Upcoming events

Date Title Speakers Venue and time
13 March 2023

The Annual Margaret Savigear Lectures, 2023

Dr Melissah Rowe, Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) and Professor Jane Langdale, University of Oxford

1.00pm - 4.15pm, Council Room, Firth Court

Past events

Date Title Speakers Venue and time
7 March 2022

The Annual Margaret Savigear Lectures, 2022

Dr Laura Ross, University of Edinburgh, and Dr Bala Chaudhary, Dartmouth College, USA.

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#Inspire lecture series

The Biosciences #Inspire lecture series champions excellent scientists from minority or marginalised groups in the biosciences. Its goal is to promote discussions about the issues that impact these groups, so that we might create a more inclusive working and learning environment, where everyone feels represented.

Upcoming events

Date Title Speaker Venue and time
Please check back soon for upcoming events.      

Past events

Date Title Speaker Find out more
17 January 2023 Identifying the causes and understanding the consequences of bias in evolution and academia Dr Tiffany Taylor Listen again (University login needed)
7 June 2022 Bullying and harassment in academia Professor Serena Nik-Zainal, University of Cambridge Listen again (University login needed)
10 May 2022 Disabled in the field: navigating nature as a disabled scientist. Dr Kelsey Byers, the John Innes Centre Listen again (University login needed)
19 October 2021 The Circuitous Journey of My PhD: Reflections on Mental Health, Vulnerability, and Cultivating Empathy in Academic Science to celebrate World Mental Health Awareness Day 2021. Dr Mikel Haggadone, University of Michigan Medical School Listen again (University login needed)
15 June 2021 From biodiversity to biologists' diversity to celebrate Pride Month 2021. Dr Jeremy Yoder, California State University Northridge Listen again (University login needed)
16 March 2021 Breaking barriers? Ethnicity and socioeconomic background impact on early career progression to celebrate International Women's Day 2021. Professor Zenobia Lewis, the University of Liverpool Listen again (University login needed)
20 October 2020 Delivering Diversity & Inclusivity in STEM Curricula: Becoming a Student–Ready Faculty to celebrate Black History Month 2020. Professor Bugewa Apampa, Birmingham City University Listen again (University login needed)

Other biosciences seminars are hosted by the Imagine: Imaging Life project and the Florey Institute.

Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.