The world is fast approaching the limit of its ability to feed itself. This is one of the most significant threats facing humanity. However, it is also a problem we can solve. The Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield is committed to overcoming this challenge. But we must act now if we are to prevent irreversible damage to our soil and environment.

We believe food is at the heart of our planetary survival. Increasing food security and preventing environmental damage must go hand in hand to create a resilient food system. This will mean changes to the way we grow, produce and consume food.

The institute will conduct basic, translational and transformative research, taking the latest scientific knowledge and applying it in real-world settings, to ensure that the production and consumption of the world’s food is sustainable and resilient. The challenges we face are systemic, so we will take an approach that looks at both technical and societal issues.

Working in partnership with policymakers, farmers, the agri-food industry, non-governmental organisations and the public, we will create new solutions to sustain and improve the world’s future food supplies. Our aim is to feed the world by innovating our means to produce nutritious food, from field to fork.

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