Connecting across the distance: Community-building practices and sustainable food projects

Event details

Tuesday 9 November 2021
Online event
The Make It Grow project team warmly welcome you to attend a free interactive online event hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Food in collaboration with Gateway Zimbabwe, on the 9th of November at 1:30-3pm GMT.


The event will showcase the recent collaboration between our University of Sheffield Knowledge Exchange project and a Zimbabwean community development project, Gateway Zimbabwe.

With the showcasing of videos, animations and a round table discussion, the event will highlight the potential of community-based innovation, collaboration and communication to generate more sustainable food systems and resilient communities, increasingly needed with the impact of the climate crisis deepening, particularly within Zimbabwe.

The discussion will explore the critical relationships between food, community building and community "voice", which the Make It Grow project serves to amplify through its capacity-building workshops.

Co-Director of the Institute for Sustainable Food, Professor Peter Jackson will introduce and chair the discussion. Participants will include Make It Grow project founder and leader Dr Pamela Richardson, along with significant Zimbabwean community voices such as Michar Mushiko from TrustAfrica, Maaianne Knuth from Kufunda, Mvuselelo Huni from RAP and community-based Gateway Fellows.

They will outline their respective projects and explain why our collaboration is significant in the context of the food-community-communication nexus. We will also explore how connecting across the distance has been impacted by the pandemic and how we are navigating these issues to find new, innovative ways to support communities and sustainable food systems across the globe.

Following this, there will also be the opportunity for the audience to ask any questions.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 9 November 2021, 1:30-3pm GMT (3:30-5pm CAT)

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