Laura Maratou-Kolias

School of Biosciences

PhD Candidate

Laura Maratou-Kolias
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Currently, Laura is researching the gender inequity in Uganda’s cotton sector linking agricultural productivity, marketing and gender in a multidisciplinary way as a PhD candidate in social sciences at the University of Sheffield, UK. She is interested in interdisciplinary research opportunities in this area both in Africa and around the world. For about ten years Laura has been an economic consultant at the World Bank and has worked on the intersection of gender, poverty, agriculture, nutrition, environment and labor markets. She has academic and professional experience in both the natural and social sciences. Laura has also work experience with the European Commission in Brussels, INRA in France, and IFPRI in Washington, DC. Laura holds Master’s degrees in agricultural economics from Cornell University and the University of Maryland, USA, and an undergraduate degree in agronomy science and economics from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Research Interests Poverty, Nutrition and Food Security, Agricultural Economics, Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Social Safety Nets, Social Protection, Labor Markets Regulations, Survey Methodology, Impact Assessment