Current Grant Portfolio

Below is a list of grants that are currently active in The Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering.

Grant Title Awarded to Awarding Body Start Date End Date
A microsimulation of alcohol control interventions to advance health equity and reverse the current decrease in life expectancy in the US Robin Purshouse Government 08/10/2020 31/07/2025
A new approach to identifying and classifying evolving coherent flow structures in the turbulent plasma of the Sun’s photosphere Viktor Fedun Charity 19/08/2019 18/08/2024
A new treatment for short bowel syndrome using a soft-matter robotic implant – a
preclinical study
Dana Damian RCUK 01/10/2023 30/09/2024
A Robotic Exoskeletal Sleeve for Flexible Endoscopic Surgery Lin Cao Charity 01/12/2022 31/05/2024
An STFC Consolidated grant application to support solar and space science at the University of Sheffield Viktor Fedun RCUK 01/04/2021 31/12/2024
Autonomous method for detecting cutting tool and machine tool anomalies in machining Zi-Qiang Lang RCUK 01/09/2020 31/08/2024
Aviation-to-Grid: Grid flexibility through multiscale modelling and integration of power systems with electrified air transport Xin Zhang RCUK 22/08/2023 21/02/2026
Causes and impacts of Greenland atmospheric Blocking changes Hua-Liang Wei RCUK 01/02/2023 31/07/2025
ClimaTracks: Forecasting resilience of railway network under propagating uncertainty Giuliano Punzo RCUK 01/04/2024 31/12/2024
Cluster Archive Michael Balikhin Industrial 01/01/2019 31/03/2026
Cluster WBD operations support Michael Balikhin Industrial 01/01/2019 30/09/2024
Cluster WEC operations support Michael Balikhin Industrial 01/01/2019 30/09/2024
CoatIN: Intelligent engineering coatings for in-manufacture and in-service monitoring of critical safety products Ash Tiwari RCUK 01/08/2020 31/07/2025
DELTA - Digitally Enhanced Low-cost Technology for Aerostructures Ash Tiwari RCUK 01/07/2022 30/06/2025
Development of a Submillimetre Steerable Robotic Bronchoscope with Cellular-Resolution Microscopy Lin Cao Royal Society 31/03/2024 31/03/2026
Digitalisation of Electrical Power and Energy Systems Operation (DEEPS) Xin Zhang RCUK 01/04/2022 31/06/2026
Digital Twin-Driven Early Fault Diagnosis of Offshore Wind Turbine Systems Hua-Liang Wei Charity 31/03/2023 30/03/2025
ElectroTools Mahnaz Arvaneh RCUK 01/07/2023 30/06/2026
Engineering Xchange with Universidad de los Andes Giuliano Punzo Charity 07/03/2024 26/05/2024
Feedrate and Cycle Time (FaCT) Project Rob Ward Research England 01/08/2023 31/03/2024
Future Advanced Metrology Hub Visakan Kadirkamanathan RCUK 01/03/2017 30/08/2024
The HealthMod Cluster: Enhancing Policy Modelling Capabilities to Tackle the
Economic Determinants of Health and Health Inequality
Robin Purshouse RCUK 01/04/2024 31/03/2028
Homeostatic machines for Resilience and Adaptability Dana Damien RCUK 01/11/2022 30/04/2024
IntegraBrain: Integrated Implant Technology for Multi-modal Brain Interfaces Ivan Minev ERC 01/10/2019 30/06/2024
LANDOne: Landing Advances for a New Decade One Ash Tiwari / Andy Mills Innovate UK 01/04/2022 31/03/2025
Machine learning for event detection in nuclear power plants Andy Mills / Will Jacobs Industrial 01/11/2022 31/12/2023
Made Smarter Innovation - Research Centre for Connected Factories Ash Tiwari RCUK 01/09/2021 28/02/2025
Modelling uncertainties in radiation belt forecasts Hua-Liang Wei RCUK 01/04/2024 31/03/2027
NanoMan: Self-Optimising Nanoscale Manufacturing Platforms for Achieving
Multiscale Precision
George Panoutsos RCUK 10/01/2022 09/01/2025
NextGen EHM Will Jacobs / Andy Mills Industrial 01/06/2023 30/11/2024
Northwest European Seasonal Weather Prediction from Complex Systems Modelling Hua-Liang Wei RCUK 01/03/2021 29/02/2024
OpenSwarm: Orchestration and Programming ENergy-aware and collaborative Swarms With AI-powered Reliable Methods Roderich Gross Horizon Europe 01/01/2023 30/04/2026
PINES: Powerplant Integration of Novel Engine Systems Visakan Kadirkamanathan Innovate UK 01/04/2020 31/03/2024
Protecting Environments with UAV Swarms Mila Mihaylova Innovate UK 01/06/2022 31/05/2024
R3M: Reconfigurable robotics for responsive manufacture Ash Tiwari RCUK 01/07/2021 30/06/2024
REINSTATE: Repair, Enhanced Inspection, and Novel Sensing Techniques for increased Availability and reduced Through life Expense Andy Mills Innovate UK 01/10/2020 31/03/2024
Roblets: A Way of Synthesising Robots Shuhei Miyashita RCUK 01/10/2023 30/09/2025
Robot Navigation inside Pipe Networks - Pipebots Impact Case Study Lyudmila Mihaylova Internal


Sat-Risk: Satellite Radiation Risk Forecasts Michael Balikhin RCUK 01/06/2020 31/05/2024
SCHEME: Safety Critical Harsh Environment Micro-processing Evolution Andy Mills / Visakan Kadirkamanthan Innovate UK 01/05/2023 30/04/2027
Small pores on the solar face under a magnifying glass Viktor Fedun Charity 31/03/2024 30/03/2026
Spillover-free control of distributed parameter systems Anton Selivanov Charity 01/04/2024 31/01/2025
Solar vortex networks and their ensemble contribution to atmospheric energy flux Viktor Fedun RCUK 01/04/2024 31/03/2027
Solar vortex tubes and their role in driving atmospheric dynamics Viktor Fedun Charity 12/08/2022 11/08/2024
Targeting multiple levels of ‘the smoking cessation system’ using novel scientific approaches Robin Purshouse CRUK 01/04/2022 31/03/2027
The changing profile of climate-related transporting infrastructure failure in the North Guiliano Punzo RCUK 08/01/2024 13/01/2025
Transfer Learning for Processing Different Neurological Conditions Mahnaz Arvaneh Charity 16/12/2019 31/07/2024
UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in Resilience Sanja Dogramadzi RCUK 01/11/2020 30/04/2024
University Technology Centre Visakan Kadirkamanathan Industrial 01/04/2018 31/10/2023
Unsolved problems in Collisionless Shock Physics Michael Balikhin STFC 01/04/2024 31/03/2027

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