History schools' outreach

At the University of Sheffield, the Department of History is keen to engage with teachers and schools in the local community and throughout the UK.

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Through talks and bespoke lectures, our academics can contribute to A-level and GCSE learning - this page explores some of the past and present projects.

The University’s Archaeology department also has an extensive portfolio of Schools Outreach projects which are often suitable for History students - have a look their programme information here.

Talking Heads

Through the use of Skype, academics from the Department of History deliver 20-30 minute Q&A sessions or short seminars to Year 12 and Year 13 students, assisting their learning within the A-level curriculum and their research for coursework.

This allows college students access to specialists who can inspire them, answer subject specific questions, and also direct them towards useful resources.

(Current year groups worked with: 12, 13)

Project Alex

Project Alex explores an exciting period of Renaissance history and centres on the life and times of Alessandro de’ Medici, first duke of Florence and sometimes referred to as the first black head of state in the modern West.

Through workshops, the department worked with colleges and schools to create a public performance for Sheffield’s ‘Festival of the Mind’ based around words and music from the court of Alessandro de’ Medici.

 History Schools' outreach, Project Alex

We’re keen to work at schools and colleges with post-16 students on new, bespoke workshops - Project Alex engages with multiple themes across History and English Literature, so please get in touch if you would be interested.

Project Alex also has an extensive website with historical background, and some useful resources.

(Current year groups worked with: 12, 13)

History in the City

'In the City' is a student-led volunteering project - our students visit targeted local schools and colleges on a regular or one-off basis, working within the classroom or with small groups.

Your students benefit from the opportunity to have one-to-one support and advice from their peers about studying a specific Arts and Humanities subject at university.

Kate Smith working with In The City outreach students

We have schemes covering the following subjects: Archaeology, English, History, Languages, Music, Philosophy, and Religion. We work with groups of students who are currently under-represented in Higher Education.

It’s been really useful reviewing exam technique, particularly source questions, which have been a good extension to my own knowledge revision in helping me structure exam essays.

Rachel Gregory

Sixth form student, Longley Park, on History in the City

Please email Kate Smith ( kathryn.smith@sheffield.ac.uk ) for more information about how we could potentially work with your students.

(Current year groups worked with: various)

Resources for teachers

The History department has a YouTube channel, with many videos designed for use in the classroom - if you have suggestions for a topic you would like to see covered in this way by one of the department’s historians, please get in contact!

Our popular history blog, History Matters, deals with contemporary historical dilemmas - it's an excellent tool for enthusing college-age students in seeing the impact of History on the world around them.

Why Study History at University? - a useful downloadable pdf for students and teachers (101kb)

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