China in Photographs Competition


Have you been to China? Did you go on a business trip, a holiday, a visit or for a study? Send us photos, the perfect moments captured by you! Open to all who have taken pictures in China.

Every year, entrants can submit up to 6 of their own photographs for consideration under the following categories:

  • Landscapes & Cityscapes
  • Famous Sites
  • Portraits
  • Culture & Customs
  • Everyday Life
  • Artistic Images

Photos are judged on photographic skills, personal connections and views about China.

Photo type: JPEG only and no watermarks.

Please e-mail your photos to, stating your name, contact details, title of each photo, preferred categories and up to 100 words describing each photograph.

China in Photographs Competition 2018

China in Photographs Competition 2016

landscape 1st artistic 1st prize Portrait 2rd
Culture 1st prize Everyday life 1st Famous site 1st

Landscape 2rd Portrait 1st artistc 2rd

China in Photographs Competition 2014

Thank you for taking part in China in Photographs Competition 2014. We received 360 photo entries, covering people, culture, landscapes, daily life and city sights in China. We appreciate your sharing your rich experience with us. Every work has its unique beauty.

Reflection of a bridge

Black and white image of women in field 3 children smiling
Ancient town and river City sky scrapers lit up

Boat on a river A garden in winter
small child in rain Person walking through mountainous path

Cultural performance in China Old fashioned theatre in China
Photo of water and evening sky Photo of two tall buildings

China in Photographs Competition 2013

Qiang Zu sisters 2013     

Women examaning fruit Man in uniform
Black and white image of people praying Man writing on the ground

Lupu bridge with city in the background photo

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China in Photographs Competition 2012

    small girl at table         

Man standing holding eagle river with houses either side of it
2 ladies in blue dress Lotus flower

3 men walking to work photo 2012

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China in Photographs Competition 2011

man lying on step                             

Man walking down narrow street Window cleaners on building
Man paddling across canal Man sat with drums

Photo looking up at tall buildings small boy in black and white photo

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China in Photographs Competition 2010



China in Photographs Competition 2009


China in Photographs Competition 2008, Best in Show:



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