About us


The Institute is the focus of China-related activities, including:

  • Research into learning Chinese as a foreign language;
  • Chinese language training for students, teachers, community and business;
  • Chinese language testing;
  • Seminars on Chinese culture and society;
  • Chinese film showings.

The Sheffield Confucius Institute aims to:

  • Be a focal point for China-related activities in Sheffield and the broader region of the Midlands and Northern England.
  • Develop research into the teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language in the English context and into testing methods appropriate for the region.
  • Promote the teaching of the Chinese language in UK secondary schools and support the development of teachers of Chinese through working with the Sheffield University School of Education's Postgraduate Certificate of Education programme.
  • Support teachers of Chinese language and Chinese teachers in UK schools through training programmes and teaching methods appropriate to the UK context;
  • Contribute to Chinese cultural awareness and activities which educate the UK public in relation to China, its culture and its language;
  • Foster the provision of innovative and flexible non-degree Chinese language learning courses for the wider community.
  • Provide cross-cultural communication seminars and workshops for the business community and all levels of government.
  • Forge strategic alliances with key stake-holders in business, industry, government and other institutions to support the programme of the Institute;
  • Develop and promote Chinese Studies and Research within Sheffield University and other educational institutions in the UK and especially in the North of England, and encourage students to develop a sound knowledge of China.
  • Host scholars, researchers and language teachers from China

Group photo of SCI team