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  • workshops

    Celebration of the Spring Festival

    A Series of Cultural Activities in Celebration of the Spring Festival

    On the evening of the first day of the first lunar month, 2009, the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield held "Five in One" cultural event at Sheffield City Hall located in the town centre. Guests included important persons from business and academic fields as well as local government.

  • calligraphy

    "Deciphering Chinese Characters" 汉字的起源

    Professor Zhang Hailin spoke to an enthralled audience on the origins and development of the Chinese writing system. From ancient pictorial symbols, through the complicated traditional characters used during the imperial period, to the simplified characters we see today, he demonstrated the fascinating journey of some of the most common Chinese characters and words.

  • John-Prescott

    Deputy Prime Minister formally opens the Institute

    Deputy Prime Minister formally opens the Institute

    The University's prestigious Confucius Institute was officially opened on 18 January by the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

  • Prof. Wright and Dr. Chen

    Confirmed the establishment of SCI

    Professor Tim Wright and Dr Lili Chen visit China & confirm the establishment of the Sheffield Confucius Institute.