Star Mandarin School Launches New Beginners Class for English Speakers

The Star Mandarin School Welcomes English Language Students into its New February Beginners Class. Sign up through the link in the article for a free introductory demo class!

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Star Mandarin School Launches New Beginners Class for English Speakers 

Language is a window to another world. Every child, everyone, should learn a second language, to open their minds and broaden their horizons.

The benefits of language learning

Dr Xinqun Hu

The Star Mandarin School at the University of Sheffield is excited to announce the opening of introductory demo classes throughout January and February 2023, to showcase its teaching for potential new students and their parents. This initiative is in anticipation of the opening of a new Beginners class for English speaking students on February 25, 2023. Read on to find out more about the fascinating journey of the Star Mandarin School, and why we think it’s the best school for Mandarin Chinese learning for children in South Yorkshire! 

Full Summer school team
Summer school teachers and volunteers

What is the Star Mandarin School for Children?

The Star Mandarin School started as just one class of six students in 1996. Now, with over 900 students studying Mandarin Chinese, Maths and Arts, it’s one of Sheffield’s top Mandarin Chinese learning weekend schools. The Star Mandarin School is part of the University of Sheffield and based on campus in the beautiful, listed Bartolome House.The Star Mandarin School is proud of its accomplished achievement and prestigious environment, and, it is open to all children who want to learn Mandarin Chinese in the city, with classes taking place every Saturday from morning to late afternoon. 

The leader of the Star Mandarin School is the Sheffield Confucius Institute Coordinator, Dr Xinqun Hu. Dr Hu was a student of the University of Sheffield herself, so she has intimate knowledge of the University and its evolution over the past 20 years of the Star Mandarin School’s lifespan. Her daughter was the first ever student at the  school, and as Dr Hu became closer to school, she offered to volunteer as its headmistress. She’s nurtured it carefully since then into the impressive platform it has become today. 

Teacher Qiang with students in Language & Literature class
Teacher Qiang with students in Language & Literature class

Why should your child study a second language like Chinese? 

The first and most obvious reason for studying Chinese is its prevalence as a business language. It’s no secret that the economic might of China has been steadily building for decades. According to the World Bank, growth in the country has averaged around 10% year-on-year for several decades – with more than 800 million people lifted out of poverty. China is the second largest economy in the world - relating this to Sheffield, it has one of the largest Chinese communities in the UK. There’s a huge amount of business investment, development and community in the city, and knowledge of Chinese language and culture would be a huge advantage. 

Aside from the economic benefits, the advantages of learning a language for a child’s development is extraordinary. Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills. In addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask, children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility.

The most practical benefit for children to learn Mandarin Chinese at the Star Mandarin School is the uniquely supportive ‘family feel’, catering for Chinese and non-Chinese heritage speaking children. A firm favourite with parents, the Star Mandarin School is often praised for the effect on children’s growth and development.

Students singing Chinese nursery rhymes
Students singing Chinese nursery rhymes

What about the costs?

We are fortunate that Mandarin is readily available at the University of Sheffield, an institution which strives to reach out to local communities and change lives.

Star Mandarin School at University of Sheffield 

Dr Xinqun Hu

Being based within the University of Sheffield is advantageous for the Star Mandarin School, it’s able to benefit from the reputation and prestige of a World Top 100 University and put emphasis on excellent teaching quality.Costs are low and the quality of teaching and support available is very high – one of the primary reasons behind the Star Mandarin School’s rise from a classroom of 6 students to a school of over 900 students, with 33 local teachers. 

How does the school benefit from being based in the University of Sheffield? 

The elegant Bartolome House building, the University of Sheffield’s School of Law and setting of the Star Mandarin School, is located in an accessible location with convenient parking nearby. There is an immediate aesthetic quality to the premises, both outside, but also from the inside, which is freshly modern with lots of space and amenities (there's a cafe available for parents and children serving hot and cold drinks and food as they wait!). The Star Mandarin School benefits hugely from the resources of the university, its facilities, technology, training, development and supportive culture. New teachers in the school must go through the university HR process when recruited, so the standards in training and profile must be met. Resources for teachers to train and learn, such as access to library materials are also available for continuous development. The experience that parents often have, when noticing the resources and ethos of the school, is that they’re ‘getting in early’ to the university, as a bridge to higher learning. A truly priceless experience for a young student to have. 

Liverpool CI and Sheffield CI staff visiting Bartolome House
Liverpool CI and Sheffield CI staff visiting Bartolome House

Come and join the Star Mandarin School community!

Our trained Mandarin Chinese teachers are skilled in teaching beginners and learners new to the Chinese language. They know how  daunting it can be at first, so their lessons are adapted to the exact needs of the class. Support, feedback and assistance is available for students and parents alike, both from our teachers and our staff. We provide parents with as many opportunities to become accustomed to the school and its teaching as possible. That’s why we’re offering free introductory classes throughout January and February 2023 for 6-9 year olds and students aged 10 and above. Follow the links below to find out more about the Star Mandarin School and to sign up for a free introductory demo class. We’d love to get to know you! 

Teacher Sagar with students in STEM class
Teacher Sagar with students in STEM class

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