Mandarin Chinese within School Time


Foreign languages were introduced formally within the primary school curriculum in England in 2014. Children at Key Stage 2 (age 7–11) have a freedom to choose to learn one of seven languages - French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Latin and ancient Greek.

We think Mandarin is a “must have” at school.

To raise educational standards and to equip our school leavers and graduates with the language asset, every primary school child should have a good grasp of a foreign language by age 11, while all secondary school pupils should have the opportunity to learn languages like Mandarin.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin, rated by the UK business the most useful foreign language for employees to speak after French and German, is increasingly becoming a world language.

Advice, support and taster sessions can be initially given to school that is looking into offering Mandarin Chinese to their school pupils and/or to their surrounding linking or feeder schools. Further support include providing Mandarin Chinese teacher, developing Mandarin teaching programmes, working together on school curriculum, sharing teaching resources and leading on the delivery of Mandarin provisions.

All these provisions leading to Mandarin Subject within school time will be FREE of charge. The travel expenses may pass onto school depending on the school distance.


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