Sino-English Corner, Language and Cultural Exchanges

汉英角- 语言和文化交流之平台


Regular meetings on Tuesdays, 7-9pm, Week 1 - Week 12, University Semesters.
lace: Sofa area, Level 3 (behind Box Office), Students' Union, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, S10 2TG.
Open to all and FREE Admission!

About SEC: The Sino-English corner began as a language and culture exchange activity from students for students in March 2007. The idea was born following the meeting of a group of SEAS students with CSSA representatives at the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute in January 2007 – the setting could hardly have been more appropriate. We are very glad it has been such a successful project so far, and are looking forward to welcoming new and familiar faces this semester in a pleasant language exchange environment.

Our Aims: Provides opportunities for those interested in learning either Chinese or English to practice their target language and learn more about the target culture.

Detailed Activities:
1. Regular meetings at the Students' Union, Tuesdays 7pm.

2. Outdoor activities and cultural events, such as hiking, dinner parties and pub meet-ups.

3. Festival activities, celebrating both Chinese festivals and English festivals, such as making Chinese dumplings at Spring festival and making pancakes on Pancake day and so on.

4. Finding a Language learning partner.

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SEC Management Committee Members, 2018 -2 019

Mr. Zhipeng Duan (from the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield, SCI)
Miss JunMin Xiao (from Chinese Students and Scholars Association, CSSA)
Mr. David Geary (from School of East Asian Studies, SEAS)

Membership is FREE. To join the SEC mailing list, or to enquire about particular SEC activity, simply send an email to:

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What our members have said:

"All the members are quite nice and friendly, especially the teacher. I personally think this is a really meaningful society. It provides us opportunities to share the ideas as well as to learn culture." - Christina Liu.

"For me, Sino-English corner is a place to discuss Chinese culture and society(both contemporary culture and ancient culture) and a society to meet board game friends." - Jin Yan.

"A platform to know China without distance and for students abroad." - Feng.

"I make many Chinese friends in Sino-English corner including the most important people in my life, I also have the chance to speak more Chinese language." - Ryan Blackett.

"I enjoy each one minute in Sino-English corner. Everyone are so polite and helpful. It is one of the thing which I am the most looking forward to every week." - George Hunter.

"SEC has helped me keep on top of my oral Chinese since I finished studying last year, but more importantly I've met a lot of great people, many of whom have become good friends." - Dan Johnson

Many thanks to all who have contributed here by sharing their opinion about the SEC! We always welcome your feedback.