Training Programmes for Scholars, Students, Teachers and Business Professionals


Training programme in Applied Linguistic and Language Policy

For the 3rd time, the CI is hosting ‘Applied Linguistics and Language Policy Studies Training Programme’ in September-December 2019. The Training Programme is funded by China Scholarship Council. 30 Chinese scholars and policy makers are sent by Ministry of Education in China.

The aim is to cultivate linguistic specialists, who are urgently needed in China, and to serve the development of the linguistic industry. Areas involved in the programme include international language policy and planning, national language ability training model and assessment criteria, the relationship between common languages and national languages, protection of endangered languages and language cultures as well as British cultural studies.

Cultural and Language Immersion (CALI) Programme

15th June - 13th July 2019

Based on a success in 2018, the CI hosted for the 2nd time a Cultural and Language Immersion (CALI) Summer School for international students this summer 2019. The programme present an overview of UK history, architecture and arts, English language and literature, culture and etiquette, politics, media and business, education and daily life. Each topic is presented by either academics, researchers or respective field experts.

Programme Schedule can be found here.  

Tsinghua Design and Engineering Immersion Programme 

7th July - 3rd August 2019

Open to undergraduates at Xinya College, Tsinghua University, the programme outcome is to experience family life, student life and work life in the UK, acquiring social etiquettes and customs of the language and culture.

The programme consists about 15 hours of talks and lectures, and about 8 hours of field trips per week. There are 5 main strands:
1. Homestay with meal plans
2. Field trips about English literature and history
3. Interaction with English students
4. Talks and lectures in Engineering Design
5. Visits to local businesses

Training in Innovation and Management for Business Professionals

The CI is about to host a training in Innovation and Management for Business Professionals.

Training for Chinese Teachers in Post

A series of teacher training and seminars is organised on an on-going basis, focusing on Chinese language teaching methodology.

Overseas Chinese Teacher Training Programme- For teachers in post

In order to promote exchanges and cooperation on Chinese language teaching, Hanban has set up "Overseas Chinese Teacher Training Programme", which is a good opportunity for foreign Chinese language teachers to further learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture. Hanban will provide funding during their visit to China.

The main content of the program includes: Chinese knowledge, Chinese teaching series courses, Chinese teaching theories and methods series course, applied series course, Chinese culture practice courses, and teachers exchange courses.

If you are interested, you can apply for the training program in China through the CI.

Overseas Chinese Teacher Training, Hanban (in English)

国家汉办外国汉语教师来华研修 (in Chinese)

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