Teacher training


For students

The School of Education at the University of Sheffield currently offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Education which trains Chinese language teachers for school (please see Quick Links for more details).

The CI offers subject enhancement classes (i.e. identifying and working on Chinese language skills during the course) for those non-native students on the course whose language level has yet to attain the level necessary for a teaching post.

For teachers in post

A series of teacher training and seminars is organised on an on-going basis, focusing on Chinese language teaching methodology.

Overseas Chinese Teacher Training Programme- For teachers in post

In order to promote exchanges and cooperation on Chinese language teaching, Hanban has set up "Overseas Chinese Teacher Training Programme", which is a good opportunity for foreign Chinese language teachers to further learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture. Hanban will provide funding during their visit to China.

The main content of the program includes: Chinese knowledge, Chinese teaching series courses, Chinese teaching theories and methods series course, applied series course, Chinese culture practice courses, and teachers exchange courses.

If you are interested, you can apply for the training program in China through SCI.

Overseas Chinese Teacher Training, Hanban (in English)

国家汉办外国汉语教师来华研修 (in Chinese)

For more information, contact:

email : confucius@sheffield.ac.uk