Subject Taster Sessions

FREE online taster sessions for anyone 21 or over thinking about university study.

Group at DLL Taster event

During May we’ll be holding some online subject taster sessions, led by our team of tutors. These sessions aim to give participants a taste of what it is like to learn as a mature student, and an insight into the kind of topics covered on our foundation year.

Under each session description we give some very general guidance about how they relate to our degrees with a foundation year, but these sessions are open to anyone and no prior subject knowledge is required or expected.

Health & Science Taster Session:

Getting Organised: Living Things 

Getting Organised: The Human Body 

In this session, you'll learn about the multiple levels of organisation in the human body - from the packaging of tiny structures into cells to entire systems of the human body that we rely on every day.   

This session will be of interest to anyone interested in any of our Science or Health related degrees with a foundation year.

Thursday 27th May 12pm - Register for this session here.

Social Sciences Taster Session:

‘Hysteria Trumps Evidence’: Moral Panics and the Media 

Have you ever wondered why certain news stories get such intense press coverage? Or what makes a story newsworthy? Social scientists have been asking these questions for decades, and in this session we will be exploring some of the concepts and ideas behind what makes crime specific new stories so compelling. 

This session will be of interest to anyone interested in any of our Social Sciences degrees with a foundation year.

Wednesday 26th May 10am - Register for this session here.

Arts & Humanities Taster Session:

'What does it mean to be Human?': some answers (and a few more questions!) - from the Humanities 

In this session, we will explore some of the 'big questions' that inspire Humanities scholars and discuss the different ways in which such questions are framed and answered across different subjects, such as Archaeology, English, History, Music or Philosophy. At the heart of this session is an interactive online resource, to which you can add (anonymously!) some words and images that best capture your ideas, and from which you can draw the insights and inspiration provided by your fellow participants.

This session will be of interest to anyone interested in any of our Arts and Humanities degrees with a foundation year.

Friday 28th May 10am Register for this session here.

University Taster Event

Join us on Wednesday 22nd of May 2024 for our university taster event. This is a free event for anyone 21 or over, without traditional university entry qualifications.  

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