Exterior shot of the Department of Economics' buildingProfessor Douglas Knoop

Inaugurated in 2012, the annual Knoop Lecture is given in honour of Professor Douglas Knoop (1883-1948), perhaps the most influential figure in the Department of Economics' history.

Knoop came to the University of Sheffield as a young man in 1910, when he was appointed as a lecturer and head of the newly created Department of Economics. (The subject had previously been taught in a joint department of economics and philosophy.)

At the time the university was still in its infancy. The department comprised just one other member of staff and only a handful of students. By 1920, however, the department had grown considerably and Professor Knoop was appointed as the first Professor of Economics at the University.


A distinguished contribution

Professor Knoop wrote a number of books and papers in the fields of industrial organisation and industrial relations. He also went on to serve as Dean of the Faculty of Arts from 1922 to 1925 and served the University in several other capacities. On his retirement in 1948 he was awarded the title Emeritus Professor.

Professor Knoop died very soon after his retirement. He is honoured today in two ways. One is the annual Knoop Lecture. The second is the Knoop Prize, an award given by the Department of Economics each year to our most outstanding final-year undergraduate. A number of fellowships and studentships have also been awarded in Professor Knoop's name, and have helped to launch a number of distinguished academic careers.