Once you are a registered student you will be given access to the Blackboard sites for each of your modules. It is not possible to access module materials until your registration has been completed. Each module Blackboard site will contain a Module Information Pack and a weekly teaching plan. Please ensure that you read both documents carefully so that you understand the arrangements for each of your modules as there will be some variety in the schedule for each module. Remember that teaching will start from Monday 25 September (week one) and you should be in a position to start attending classes from 25 September.

Teaching will be spread across the two semesters (Autumn semester and Spring semester) and each semester is 15 weeks long. You can obtain the semester dates for 2023-24 on this web page -  You should expect that the teaching on your modules will be scheduled in weeks 1 to 12 in each semester and the assessment periods will take place during weeks 13 to 15 (i.e. the last three weeks of each semester).

In following the University's Student Attendance Monitoring policies (Student hub link -, all schools are required to submit student attendance data to the Student Administration Service (SAS) on a regular basis throughout the academic year. The School must inform the SAS of any students that are identified as having poor attendance. 

The School is expected to monitor your attendance in order to:

  • Ensure you are engaging with your course.
  • Identify where you are struggling.
  • Ensure you have access to the right support.

Lack of attendance over a long period of time can lead to formal action by your school and in some cases, withdrawal from the University.

All overseas students holding a Tier 4 visa must show that they are complying with the terms and conditions of their visa by attending all timetabled classes (see

Attendance at all timetabled teaching sessions is compulsory and attendance will be recorded at lectures, workshops, tutorials, and computer labs (where applicable).

The School will provide you with instructions about how to record your attendance at classes before the start of teaching in semester one.

We recommend that you connect to the Eduroam Wireless Network, which you can do by following the guidance provided on the IT Services web pages in order to ensure that you have internet access in all University buildings.

Do not be tempted to just rely on Encore recordings rather than attending your classes in person. Encore should only be used as a supplement to your studies and not as a replacement for attending classes. Guidance on using Encore lecture recordings effectively can be here -

If you experience a timetable clash (two classes taking place at the same time) you must inform the School urgently so that this issue can be resolved.

You must notify your school of any short- or long-term absence due to personal or medical circumstances to that your attendance record is accurate. The School will supply you with full details about this process at the start of semester one.

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