I have been supported by the Department of Economics' MSc Student Scholarship

Photo of Robert Sykes at graduation
Robert Sykes
Postgraduate student
MSc Economics
Robert, MSc Economics student, successfully received the MSc Student Scholarship.

Why did you choose to study a masters course in the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield?

My interest in completing an Economics MSc is based on my longer-term goal of studying for an Economics PhD at the University of Sheffield, eventually leading to a greater range of employment opportunities. I believe that an in-depth understanding of several branches of Economics, particularly inequality, behavioural economics, finance, and environmental economics, will be of significant interest to future industry employers and global governments. Knowledge and skills in these areas will become highly prized as the world navigates its way through the next few years.

How did you get the MSc Student Scholarship?

When it came to applying for the masters, in your supporting statement you need to specify how an MSc will benefit you in your future career, and why you want to complete it at Sheffield. I made my supporting statement strong and included these reasons to make the case as to why I deserved a scholarship.

What is your favourite aspect of studying in Sheffield?

I cannot overstate how much I have felt accepted and been able to enjoy my time at university. Sheffield has proved to be the perfect university to accommodate and fully support my needs, and the Economics department has supported me in both personal and academic matters and has been a major contributor in enabling me to achieve the fullest of university experiences.

What advice would you give to prospective Student Scholarship applicants?

For students considering applying for a student scholarship, I would advise you to get to know staff in the department during your undergraduate degree. You will need two references when you’re applying for your postgraduate course and references from academic staff, especially those in the department, are a useful way to strengthen your application. You should also make sure you specify what you will use your MSc for in your future career plans and include why you want to study at the University of Sheffield. Most importantly, you need to be interesting. You should use your supporting statement to sell yourself and let the admissions team know who you are beyond the course. For example, I’m the social secretary for the American Football team (@sheffieldsabres), a role that requires you to have strong interpersonal and organisational skills. I could write about this in my statement to strengthen my application and demonstrate my skills.

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