Eugenia Vella receives Marie Curie Fellowship

Lecturer in Economics Dr Eugenia Vella has received a two year Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to work on a macroeconomics research project ‘Fiscal Consolidation, Unemployment and Labour Mobility in the Euro Area’.

Photo of Dr Eugenia Vella

The fellowship promotes international mobility of researchers and Eugenia will work at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in Spain for two years based on the Markets, Organizations and Votes in Economics (MOVE) research institute, working alongside Professor Jordi Caballe.

The aim of Eugenia’s research is to study the macroeconomic links between unemployment, fiscal consolidation, and labour mobility in the euro area.

Following the recent financial crisis which started in the around 2008 job prospects worsened for many people in crisis-hit countries in the euro area such as Greece and Spain, many workers migrated to core euro countries such as Germany, Austria and Netherlands.

With Germany now being the second-largest immigration country in the industrialised world, after the USA.

This project aims to inform policymakers by comparing the implications of fiscal policies for the different crisis-hit economies.

We would like to congratulate Eugenia on her success.

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