Research Fellow Philip Powell wins best SURE tutor award

Photo of Dr Philip Powell and student Lauren Quinn

Dr Philip Powell, Research Fellow in the Institute for Economic Analysis of Decision-making (InstEAD) won the Academic Supervisor of the Year award at the 2017 Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Showcase.

Philip supervised BA Economics student Lauren Quinn on a six week behavioural economics project exploring the concept of embodied economics. Examining whether charitable giving could be influenced through implicit sensorimotor feedback, via arm movements.

Philip supported Lauren to create an iOS app for the iPad to manipulate people’s arm movements when completing a task and pilot the study by collecting data from people in university cafes.

Lauren nominated Philip for the Academic Supervisor of the Year as she felt he met the criteria for the award; for being available, approachable and supportive. That he actively helped her develop both personal and academic skills and made her feel part of a research team.

Lauren has had her own success with the SURE project too. She has been accepted to present her research at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research at Bournemouth University in April 2017.

SURE offers The University of Sheffield's undergraduate students an opportunity to become directly involved in the research activity of the University, take part in "real life" research projects in subject areas that are of special interest, and experience what it's like to work in partnership with academic staff or collaboratively in a research group.

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