Ana Nuevo-ChiqueroAna Nuevo-Chiquero

InstEAD Research Fellow

Room 432

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 3409



Ana graduated in Economics and Law from Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain) in 2006. She obtained her MA in Political Economy in 2010 and her PhD in Economics in 2012 from Boston University. She was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona from 2011 to 2013.

She joined the University of Sheffield in August 2013 as a Research Fellow at InstEAD.


Research summary and PhD student supervision

Ana's research interests are in labour economics, demographic economics and health economics. Her current research focuses on two areas:

  • the effects of contraception availability on fertility timing, family formation or risky behaviors
  • the impact of early life investments in cognitive and non-cognitive development on childhood and adult outcomes.

She also studies the causes of the under-representation of women in top corporate positions.


Selected publications

Lang, K; Nuevo-Chiquero, A, 'Trends in self-reported spontaneous abortions: 1970-2000', Demography 49 (3), 989-1009


Working papers

Nuevo-Chiquero, A, 'The labor force effects of unplanned childbearing'

Lehmann, JK; Nuevo-Chiquero, A; Vidal-Fernandez, M, 'Early origins and evolution of birth order differences in cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes', IZA working paper 6755

Nuevo-Chiquero, A, 'Trends in shotgun marriage: the pill, the will or the cost?'


Work in progress

Nuevo-Chiquero, A; Pino, FJ, 'Unintended consequences of emergency contraception availability'

Lehmann, JK; Nuevo-Chiquero, A; Vidal-Fernandez, M, 'Grandparents as childcare providers: Effects on female labor force participation and early childhood outcomes'

Cubel, M; Nuevo-Chiquero, A; Sanchez-Pages, S; Vidal-Fernandez, M, 'A boss like me: women competitive performance and gender interactions'