Cristina SechelCristina Sechel

Research Associate

Room 319

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 6105

  • BA Hons (Economics and English) 2006, McMaster University
  • MA (Economics) 2007, McMaster University
  • PhD (Economics) 2016, University of York

Cristina joined the Department of Economics in October 2016, having previously been a Research Fellow in the Health Economics Research Unit at the University of Aberdeen.

Research summary

Cristina's research interests are in applied microeconomics and applied econometrics. She is currently working on the causal impact of health status on labour market outcomes as part of the social and economic value of health programme funded by The Health Foundation. She has also worked on urban location choices and gender issues in economics.

Her PhD focused on the use of Subjective Well-Being information in Economics. It proposed a methodology for measuring aggregate Subjective Well-Being across nations motivated by Cognitive Dissonance Theory, and examined the evidence for cognitive dissonance in reported life satisfaction data using objective indicators of well-being. She is broadly interested in the economics of well-being and the role of subjective well-being in economic decisions and outcomes.


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Sechel, C (2019) Happier than Them, but More of Them Are Happy: Aggregating Subjective Well-Being. Sheffield Economic Research Paper Series No. 2019008.

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