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Reader in Economics

9 Mappin Street
S1 4DT, UK

Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 6109



Vito joined the University of Sheffield as Reader in Macroeconomics in January 2018. Previously he held posts as Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow (York, 2006-2008), Lecturer (Cardiff, 2008-2013) and Senior Lecturer (Bath, 2013 – 2017). He gained a PhD in Economics in 2009 at the University of York with a thesis on Vector Autoregressive Analysis of Macroeconomic Policy. Between 2002 and 2007 he was specialist tax consultant for a project on the cross-country comparison of the Italian corporate tax system sponsored by a grant from the Italian Ministry of Finance. Vito is author of the Macroeconomics Study Guide of the LSE International Programme.


Teaching Responsibilities

ECN6620: International Money and Finance

Research Summary

Quantitative macroeconomics, in particular applications of control theory within reduced-form (VAR) and structural (Dynamic General Equilibrium) models to study macroeconomic policy.

Specific research topics include: (i) Fiscal policy sustainability, (ii) optimal monetary policy, (iii) sovereign credit risk, (iv) unemployment and social insurance, (v) optimal macroeconomic policy in heteroskedastic models.

PhD Student Supervision

Vito is willing to supervise students interested in quantitative macroeconomics and its intersections with private and public finance, using either VAR, DSGE or OLG models.

Specific areas of research he would supervise include: (i) analysis of time-varying volatility models; (ii) monetary and fiscal policy; (iii) sovereign credit risk; (iv) unemployment insurance; (v) ageing and public finances sustainability.


Polito V & Spencer P (2016) Optimal Control of Heteroscedastic Macroeconomic Models. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 31, 1430-1444.

Polito V & Wickens M (2015) Sovereign credit ratings in the European Union: A model-based fiscal analysis. European Economic Review, 78, 220-247.

Polito V & Wickens M (2014) Modelling the U.S. sovereign credit rating. Journal of Banking and Finance, 46, 202-218.

Polito V & Wickens M (2014) How the Euro Crisis Evolved and how to Avoid Another: EMU, Fiscal Policy and Credit Ratings. Journal of Macroeconomics, 39, 364-374

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