PhD research topics

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Applications are welcomed in all Economics topics. We particularly welcome applications from candidates with research interests in the following speciality areas of our research-active staff:

Financial Economics and Household Finance

  • Banking and financial stability
  • Household portfolios, financial literacy and wealth inequality
  • Household saving, financial vulnerability and asset accumulation

Gender, Race and Inequality

  • Domestic violence
  • Discrimination and Wellbeing
  • Wealth inequality and racial wealth gap

Health Economics

  • Healthcare and Demographics
  • Long-run impact of COVID

Industrial Organization 

  • Innovation, industrial policy and mixed markets
  • Theory of firm and individual decision-making

International Economics and Development

  • Development economics and aid effectiveness
  • Theory of Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth
  • Trade models with heterogeneous firms, trade gravity and productivity growth
  • Trade policies and public economics

Labour Economics

  • Empirical studies on the relationships between labour, health and wellbeing
  • Executive compensation, corporate governance, gender in the boardroom
  • FDI and labour markets
  • Gender differences in human capital accumulation
  • Labour market inputs and outcomes
  • Transmission of human capital
  • Vocational education
  • Wages, employment and contract type

Political Economy

  • Elections, political ideology, immigration and terrorism

Sports Economics

  • Testing ideas in applied microeconomics with sports data

Time Series Econometrics

  • Econometric detection of bubbles and crashes

Urban, Regional and Environmental Economics

  • Environmental investments, environmental policy and green preferences
  • Inter-regional trade
  • Local labour markets
  • Skills mismatch and agglomeration
  • Spatial distribution of Innovation and Inequality

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