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Department of Economics

PhD student

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Thomas Siddall
Department of Economics
9 Mappin Street
S1 4DT

Thomas joined the department in 2021 after working as a researcher in an urban consultancy firm. His research interests are in urban and regional economics and environmental economics. Specifically, Thomas is interested in housing, urban form, and renewable energy research. His PhD is exploring the effect of changes in residential energy efficiency on urban house prices, exploring the effects of capitalisation, supply constraints, and uptake of energy efficiency improvements.

Thomas holds a number of positions in the department and wider university, including being PhD representative for the department; GTA on the ECN120 and ECN130 modules; research assistant on a number of departmental projects; scholar at the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. He also held a Guest Teacher position at the London School of Economics, teaching in urban economics. Thomas was invited to the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge as a Guest Speaker in their early careers conference, where he presented his research. He was also invited to the Colorado School of Mines in Denver (USA) to attend a workshop on Electricity Markets, where he met researchers in the National Renewable Enregy Laboratory.

Research interests

Housing market, urban and regional economics.

Research group


Professor Alberto Montagnoli

Dr Enrico Vanino

Teaching activities

ECN130: Economic Policy and Analyisis

ECN120: Statistical Methods for Economics

Professional activities and memberships

Guest Teacher at the London School of Economics, teaching GY210: The Economics of Cities to 2nd and 3rd year students.