Policy briefs

Our policy briefs are non-technical summaries of our latest research aimed at policy makers.


The series started in 2020 and summarises some of the cutting edge research from the School of Economics at the University of Sheffield, focusing on the policy relevant results and implications of this work.

You can find the full research papers behind these policy briefs on the Sheffield Economics Research Paper Series page. Also read our Sheffield economics research blog for more summaries of our work.


Ref Title Author(s) Download

Health shocks within couples: effects on labour supply and informal caring

Annarita Macchioni Giaquinto, Andrew Jones, Nigel Rice and Francesca Zantomio PDF, 170KB


Ref Title  Author(s) Download
1/2020 How can we explain the geographic variation in disability benefit claims in the UK? Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor PDF, 271KB
2/2020 What are the effects of chronic mental and physical health conditions on sickness absence in the UK? Mark Bryan, Andrew Bryce and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 201KB
3/2020 What are the effects of poor mental health and physical impairment on presenteeism in the UK?   Mark Bryan, Andrew Bryce and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 162KB
4/2020 How much does mental health influence employment in England and Wales?

Mark Bryan, Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts and Cristina Sechel

PDF, 229KB

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