Dr Aidas Masiliunas

Department of Economics

Lecturer in Economics

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Dr Aidas Masiliunas
Department of Economics
Room 512
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Aidas holds a BA in Economics from Vilnius University and obtained an MSc in Behavioural Economics in 2011 and a PhD in Experimental Economics in 2015, both from Maastricht University. Afterwards, Aidas held academic positions at the Aix-Marseille University and the National University of Singapore, before joining the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer in Economics in 2022.

Research interests

Aidas is an experimental economist who uses laboratory, online and field experiments, as well as game theory, to understand human behaviour.

Aidas is interested in understanding how boundedly rational decisions depend on the framing, information or feedback in the game. To address these questions, Aidas compares the predictions of agent-based models to experimental data in games where convergence is slow or there are multiple equilibria to which choices could converge. Results from this research shed some light on whether behaviour is driven by beliefs, preferences or bounded rationality, and how the policymakers could use information design to shift behaviour in a desirable manner.

Aidas is also interested in using experimental methods to address problems such as climate change, income inequality and collusion in oligopolies. Some aspects of each problem can be modelled by appropriately designed games and the consequences of potential policy interventions can be investigated using both behavioural game theory and laboratory experiments. Specifically, his recent research explores whether exposure to income inequality has a negative effect on productivity, whether the outcomes of climate change negotiations depend on historical responsibility and whether collusion is more likely in more concentrated markets.


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