Dr Kostas Mouratidis

School of Economics

Senior Lecturer in Economics

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Dr Kostas Mouratidis
School of Economics
Room 506
9 Mappin Street
S1 4DT

Kostas joined the School in September 2008. He received his PhD and MSc from Birmingham University.

He previously held positions at the National Institute of Economics and Social Research in London (NIESR) and Lecturer in Finance at Swansea University. Kostas also held an internship at Fiscal Policy Division of the European Central Bank.

Research interests

My research focuses on two areas: Economic forecasting, Monetary Economics and Macro Finance. In the area of economic forecasting, I evaluate the forecast performance of forecasters using survey data.

Alternatively, in the area of monetary economic, I analyse monetary policy preferences and the policy decision of central banks.

I would be interested in supervising PhD students in macro-finance and the impact of financial development on economic growth accounting for the different phases of business cycle. I am also working on issues concerning the monetary transmission mechanism through the risk-taking channel.


Journal articles

Teaching activities

I currently teach Business Finance and Further Econometrics. Business finance explores issues concerning the use of financial derivatives to minimize exchange rate risk. The aim of this module is to help students develop critical thinking and an independent viewpoint about topical policy discussions such as Economics Exposure and Transaction Exposure driven by the volatile behaviour of the exchange rate.

Further econometrics introduces students to the main problems that empirical studies face. Students become familiar with the problem of endogeneity and the econometric methods required to solve this problem.

The aim of this module is twofold. First, it will enable to understand empirical academic papers. Second, it will give students the confidence to conduct empirical studies on their own. I am also involved in teaching MSc students to motivate, structure and write an academic paper for their MSc Dissertation

  • ECN340 Further Econometrics
  • ECN604 Business Finance
  • ECN6800 MSc Dissertation