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Professor Mich Tvede
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I joined the University of Sheffield in 2023. Before I have been at the University of East Anglia, Newcastle University, University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. My research interests lie within economic theory: economic dynamics, general equilibrium with production and market failures, and, networks.

Research interests

My research is within economic theory: economic dynamics; general equilibrium; and, networks.

For economic dynamics my interests has been dynamics properties of equilibria of economic models. Recently, I have studied the effects of monetary policy and optimal fiscal policy.

In general equilibrium I have studied models with production and financial markets. One focus has been on the interaction of individual decisions made by consumers and collective decisions made in firms by shareholders or stakeholders in the presence of market failures such as externalities, incomplete financial markets and imperfect competition. In the presence of market failures it is typically not in the interest of the decision makers in firms to maximize profits. The issue is whether voting among decision makers in firms mitigate the effects of the market failures.

For networks my interest has been on network formation and cost sharing. On the one hand, agents are interested in having an useful network, and, on the other hand, agents wants to minimize costs. There is a tension between networks being useful and being cheap. I have explored whether it is possible to overcome the tension.



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