My experience in Sheffield laid a strong foundation for my role

William Zheng in graduation gown in the Hearstpace
Guanhao Zheng
Masters student
MSc Business Finance and Economics
William works for UBS Investment Bank, after studying Business Finance and Economics.

What job are you doing now, and how did your study at Sheffield help you with your career goals?

I work for UBS Investment Bank. My job is mostly involved in pre-settlement activities and risk management. I would say that my experience in Sheffield has laid a strong foundation for my role. The economic theory and the financial basics that the programme covers are sufficient enough to kick off a career in banking or the financial sector, especially as you learn the crucial skill of how to carry out research.

What was your favourite part of your time at Sheffield?

It is an honour for me to share some of my experience in Sheffield. Sheffield is a nice place to study and live. The library provides all the resources that we need. The academics are all kind and work hard to teach students in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Any tips for current students in terms of employability?

I have three tips for you all. First, make yourself known. We learned that putting yourself out there is a strong way to get noticed by employers. It is the easiest and often-neglected way to distinguish yourself from less confident candidates. Now I’ve got a few words for my fellow Chinese students. Chinese students are generally shy and inward-looking. Honestly it can be quite a disadvantage, as hiring managers are notoriously impatient with candidates. Those who pitch themselves proactively will stand out.

Second, do your research and be ready. The best tool you have is the academic research that you have full access to through the library. So don’t waste it, do your research. Also, don’t forget the reports and white papers if you are interested in specific industries.

The final tip is to make connections. Whether through LinkedIn or alumni just say hi, and ask questions that really interest you. I’m sure you will receive some useful replies, which will help you know whether the job fits you, and what you need to do to get that job.

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