Statistical Methods for Economics

Module code: ECN120

Statistics comprises the rules and procedures for collecting, describing, analysing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data. These skills find a wide range of uses in economics and will be employed in later modules.

This is the core statistics module for single honours and BA dual honours Economics students.

Aims of the module

The aims of the module are:

  • to introduce statistical methods and provide an insight into their uses in economics
  • to demonstrate application of a range of statistical techniques to economic problems

Learning objectives

On completion of the course students will be expected to demonstrate:

  • skills in describing, analysing and interpreting statistical data
  • understanding of the principles and assumptions on which these procedures are based
  • the ability to analyse statistical data using MS Excel
  • the ability to relate statistical methodology to economic enquiry


Topics include collection and presentation of data, descriptive statistics, probability and applications, statistical inference, correlation and regression

Teaching methods

Lectures, workshops and tutorials


An unseen examination (50%) plus two class tests (50%)

Basic reading

We advise you not to buy books before the module begins, as the reading list may change. If you wish to read in advance, look for these texts in the University library

Prerequisites Restricted to students on a degree course for which this is a core unit. Cannot be taken with MAS113

Module leader Chiara Orsini

Please note that the leader may change before the module begins

Semester Academic year

Credits 20