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Information on studying in Europe through a European exchange.

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In December 2020 the Department for Education announced a new Turing European exchanges scheme, which will provide funding for placements and exchanges starting in September 2021. This will replaces the participation in Erasmus+.

Details of the DfE announcement on the Turing scheme

The University of Sheffield has an active Erasmus+ project which is due to conclude at the end of the 2021/22 academic year. Any students currently abroad or due to go abroad this academic year through the Erasmus+ programme will not be affected by this change. Students due to go abroad in the 2021/22 academic year can and should continue to apply for exchanges at advertised destinations.

How it works 

A European exchange allows students to spend part of their studies in another European country. You can spend either the whole of your second year or the first semester of your final year at one of our partner universities in Europe - without extending the length of studies.

The Department of Economics currently has exchange links with

How to apply for a European exchange

First-year students who wish to spend the second year abroad, or second-year students who wish to spend the first semester of their final year abroad, are nominated after an internal process that takes place within the Department of Economics around the start of March.

Students will need to complete the European exchange application form (see link below) and write a statement of purpose (maximum 500 words) describing why they would like to go abroad and what makes them a good candidate. Both should be submitted to the Student Support & Enquiry Office.

First-year Sheffield students can apply for the available positions in the Carlos III University of Madrid and Charles University of Prague, to spend the second year abroad.

Second-year Sheffield students can apply for all available positions to spend the first semester of their final year abroad. Please note however that for the Carlos III University, Charles University, and the University of Valencia priority will be given to first-year students

Once students have been nominated to participate in a European exchange , they have to register for their place (usually online) at the host university.

Grades obtained under the standard exchange programmes are converted to Sheffield marks and will still be weighted with final year marks to determine the degree class.

Download the European exchange application form (PDF, 79.8 KB)

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