The best of both worlds

Luke in a lecture theatre
Luke Boaler
Undergraduate Student
BA Business Management and Economics
Luke, BA Business Management and Economics student, chose a dual honours degree to combine two subjects that he loved in one course.

Choosing a dual honours degree

At A-level I did both economics and business studies. I loved both and they both had content that crossed over, but they also had plenty of differences. When I came across my current degree it was perfect as I can get the best of both worlds, and this also means my choices post Uni are much wider.

Concerns before starting

The main concern I had before starting my studies was the idea of struggling with work and falling behind. There have been times where I’ve struggled to grasp concepts however by re-watching lectures and going to the 301 centre over time, I get my head round the work, and it suddenly seems much simpler.

Getting involved

I play for the University Football team and I’d say it’s the best thing I’ve done at Uni. For both the social side and the fact I get to play football 3 times a week, it was the best decision I made. I got involved by going down to trials in my first month at Uni, where I was lucky enough to be selected for the team. I would 100% recommend anyone to get involved in a society or sports club.

Balancing a dual honours degree

Doing a dual honours degree, I split my time equally between Business Management and Economics and I plan my time between the two subjects depending on my lecture times/dates. I usually knuckle down with the economics side of things early on in the week as this is when I have the majority of my economics lectures. Likewise, as my business management lectures are more towards the end of the week this is when I focus on Business Management. I love doing a dual degree as there’s such much variation across my modules meaning I’m never getting bored of doing similar things.

What skills have you developed?

Outside of the numerous mathematical and writing skills I have developed; I feel I have developed quite a few soft skills. My course involves having smaller weekly deadlines as well as bigger semester deadlines. This has meant my time management skills and organisational skills have become so important. I feel that I use and plan my time effectively and as such always meet my deadlines whilst also balancing my work life balance and having time to play football and go out.

Helping you find a placement

I am partnered with a futures first ambassador who I have regular meetings with to catch up on my application progress along with helping with any questions I have. I’ve found this really useful as going through this process on my own would have been quite difficult.

Any advice for students considering your course?

My best piece of advice is keep on top of both your writing skills and your mathematical skills. Doing a dual honours with Business Management and Economics, the topics I study are all widely varied; where in one module I may be critically evaluating the strategy of a world leading organisation whilst in another module I might be working on data analytics and regressing data. Therefore, my advice would be to keep on time with both your writing and mathematical skills.

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