The course at Sheffield suited me perfectly because it incorporated both my favourite subjects while allowing me to have a placement year in my degree

Sanjana in a lecture theatre
Sanjana Dange
Undergraduate Student
BA Business Management and Economics
Sanjana, a BA Business Management and Economics student, moved to the UK as an international student, gaining new responsibilities and building mental strength.

Why did you choose your particular course?

After I finished my X grade (high school qualification), I had to choose a stream that interested me the most, and for me that was commerce. Studying commerce for two years made me realise what subjects I enjoyed the most. I tried to keep up with current affairs, knowing the economic situation of the world, and coming from a country which is the world’s fifth largest economy, I was more than interested to study the concepts related to this. During the two years of studying commerce, management was a subject that caught my interest. It intrigued me as to how management of a company can break it or make it and what it takes to make a good manager. I could relate those concepts and theories to my daily life examples and sort things easily. While choosing a course, I was confused like most, but the course at Sheffield suited me perfectly because it incorporated both my favourite subjects while allowing me to have a placement year in my degree. More of the reason why I chose this , is because the modules in both the subjects. It was a perfect balance and it also allowed me to start my degree by learning the basics.

Moving to a new country as an international student

As an international student,  moving to a new country away from your homeland is very overwhelming, you become more independent than ever and home-sick is a feeling that never leaves your side. But the brighter side is, you get to explore a whole new place, you become stronger mentally and gain more responsibilities. One thing I wish I knew before is that, no matter how much you mentally prepare yourself, you will have a fair share of emotions to deal with. So do not be too hard on yourself. Make friends, make friends from your homeland, try to join societies and take part in all the events.

Adjusting to university study

It has been a rollercoaster adjusting to university study especially after having a huge gap due to the pandemic. You have to juggle between lectures, assignments, work, household chores and everything else. Managing your assignments and lectures will seem tough but if you cope with lectures from the start, it will be easier. I had accessed support from career connect, especially while searching for part time jobs.

Balancing a dual honours degree

As a dual student, I try to study both the subjects by assigning a few hours of the day to each one of them. Sometimes, I have had to prioritise one over another especially during deadlines of assignments. I wanted a dual degree because it incorporated both subjects of my choice, it allowed me to study two major honours at once. It gave me a chance to have both subjects, so if in future I decide I am more interested in either one of them, I would always have a choice. I would also have prospective career options from both the subject areas.

Course highlight

The highlight of my course has definitely been the essays I had to write as my assignment, it gave me an opportunity to research the concepts related to my study areas. There was a huge adrenaline rush as parts of assignments were done just prior to the deadline, and the sense of achievement after they were done was phenomenal. Reading your assignment after you are done also allows you to reflect on how much you have worked for it , and you get to learn a lot of new things.

Skills developed so far

One of the major skills I have developed is managing, a university degree requires some major management skills. You have to prioritise, assign time to everything and at the same time have some spare time. I have also developed my budgeting skills but sometimes I fail to stick to my budget, but there is progress. I have also developed my communication skills, I have tried to talk to my peers and classmates and also go out of my comfort zone.

Any advice for students considering your course?

I would just suggest that you give both the subjects your time. It might seem overwhelming sometimes but seek all the support provided to you during this time. Try to keep up with the lectures but even if you don't, that's alright. Don't push your assignment till the deadline, although that might happen, avoid it. Attend the tutorials, they are quite helpful.

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