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Photo of economics and politics student James Holden
James Holden
Undergraduate student
BA Economics and Politics
James recommends studying Economics with another subject.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Sheffield?

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield because upon arrival the whole environment instantly resonated with me. I felt welcome from the moment I set foot on the campus and throughout the first open day, I found the course captivating.

I knew it was the place I wanted to study the combined degree of Economics and Politics due to the reputations of both departments and I was sure it was the place I wanted to spend my next three years.

Why did you choose to study BA Economics and Politics?

I chose to study Economics and Politics because I had never had the opportunity to study Politics before, but it was certainly something I was interested in. My first experience with Economics at A-Level was immediately positive and I knew economics was the subject where I would want to build a career.

Within Economics, the degree has enabled me to look at a broad mix of microeconomics and macroeconomics and develop my skills with maths and statistics. In the third year, I will be going on to study modern finance, inequality and poverty and the international economy.

What would you say to someone thinking of studying economics at the University of Sheffield?

I would say to definitely go for it! I think the University offers an experience that's superior to others, as shown by the successes of the Students' Union. Academically speaking, Economics offers an interesting pathway where you can choose the topics you are interested in.

Within Economics, the degree has enabled me to look at a broad mix of microeconomics and macroeconomics and develop my skills with maths and statistics.

James Holden

BA Economics and Politics

As a dual student, I would also say that Economics integrates really well with a second discipline, with many streamlined options to choose from including Business, Finance, other Social Sciences and many Languages.

The department has a vested interest in ensuring it's as stress-free as possible and will always try to give you a good balance of modules that are engaging and challenging, but, also not too heavy on one semester compared to another.

What do you think about the campus and the learning environment at the University of Sheffield?

The campus is spectacular, even on its rainiest days! There are so many new buildings and innovations within. The home of Economics at 9 Mappin Street has a great common room on its bottom floor. There are many main libraries to choose from depending on the environment you wish to study within from silent study to group rooms and somewhere in the middle.

Booking resources and these rooms out is very easy which helps make any revision sessions you want to plan much more straightforward. Most of the lecture theatres are bright and airy as well as being easy to access. All in all, the campus is not only refreshing but also, extremely supportive of learning.

What careers support have you accessed?

The department is really good at offering careers advice and suggestions. On a weekly basis, the department emails out opportunities to study placement or study abroad. I contacted the Careers Service who offered a fantastic range of meetings to help me prepare for an interview.

The process is easy, and you get to book who you want to meet and when. I was told which members of their team were attached to my courses in Economics and Politics, so the advice you get is as relevant as possible.

Have you been part of a student society or sports team? If so, please can you tell us about it?

Throughout my course, I have been a member of the Economics Society (EconSoc). Within my first year, they were crucial to setting up the social means to meet other members of my course. They run regular nights out including the end of year ball, but they also set up careers sessions and invite various employers onto campus to give you the opportunity to practice skills vital for employment.

I have also been a member of the Fencing society and I am currently in the Tennis club. Both of these societies are extremely welcoming no matter what your skill level is! Most societies also go to the University’s sports night (Roar) on a Wednesday, which is great fun.

In my final year, I'm also the treasurer of the Alternative Economics society, which I am very much looking forward to working on. I would definitely recommend trying to take part in the management side of a society as it only enhances your experience further.

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